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    A beautiful girl who admires fashion, admires being a chef, and grows tall in the city - congratulations on her S1 debut! Thank you Nico! This is "Kawagoeniko". ─I heard that you are from a remote island! Niko was born on a small island, but she moved to Tokyo at the age of 18 because she wanted to become a chef. -That's amazing! What kind of food are you cooking? Niko: I can do all kinds of Japanese, Western, Chinese, and confectionery, but right now I'm Italian! ─About sweets The word ``confectionery'' sounds really serious lol Is that what Nico says about her? A teenager who was troubled by a lol complex - why did Ms. Niko become an AV? Niko: Maybe it's because I grew up on a remote island with a small population, but I'm worried because I've never been popular. ─ Is it possible to be that cute and not be popular? ? Niko: She's really not popular lol. She doesn't have much experience, so she wanted to gain confidence... Her true talent for captivating men was in sex - but the director praised her for being too erotic! Nico, is she real? ? I wish it was true, but...I'm not really confident lol─Her body is soft, her face is super cute, and she's squirting a lot, and...Niko It's embarrassing, so please don't say anything else lol─ Lol lol Nico I'm getting embarrassed to be seen...─I'm starting to look forward to watching it! LOL Then, finally, please give a few words to the people who will watch it! Niko: Well, thank you everyone for purchasing my works. I was the most nervous and the most embarrassed of my life, but I did my best, so I'd be happy if you could see a lot of them! ─Thank you very much for today!