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    Sales form [Monthly unlimited viewing] Platinum plan main story An armed robbery has occurred by the Dark J gang, a group of violent criminals inhabiting Gautam City! Suzuka Hoshijo is an investigator who wishes for peace in the city. She transforms into Wonder Lady, a superheroine with inhuman physical abilities, and corners Dark J. Power and speed that cannot be imagined from a well-proportioned and attractive body! Above all, her beauty made her a sex symbol that everyone admired. Wonder Lady and the citizens of the city successfully imprison Dark J. However, Dark J, who is determined to take revenge on Wonder Lady, attacks the guard and escapes from the camp! Then, he enters the Gautam City Investigation Bureau with K-3000, a humanoid destructive weapon given to him by a mysterious man living in the future world! A large gathering of monsters including the serial killer Chainsaw Man and the space hunter Defeater! ! ! Will true peace ever come to Gautam City? [BAD END] The main theme of this Platinum, which stars Yui Hatano as the sole lead, is to eliminate the maniacal elements and depict her roots in a strong manner. Of course, it's the beauty of the heroine, the costume design, and the fall scene, but I also think we should focus on the characters of the monsters, the story, the action scenes, and the power of the images in the studio and location. . In order to make Wonder Lady look even cooler, we recorded a fight that incorporates wire action, and we also put effort into creating the villain's character so that you can get more involved in the work. And even in the fall scene, instead of relying entirely on Hatano's charm, why is she unable to demonstrate her power even though she resists? I am confident that I have clearly explained why I am in this situation. This is a completely classic work that is completely different from the maniac works such as futanari and costumes that have been released recently! The Platinum Series is the most expensive of our already expensive works, but you won't be disappointed if you buy it just to see Yui Hatano!